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Tidewater Beach Resort has made its mark on Panama City Beach, residing on one of the area’s largest private beaches (equivalent to more than two football fields) and housing 570 luxury, gulf-front units. You’ll be entranced by the views from this fabulous high-rise resort on the Gulf of Mexico.

On the west end of Panama City Beach, Tidewater is only a half mile to the fabulous Pier Park shopping and entertainment center boasting a mix of dining, retail and event opportunities. Also close is the Frank Brown Recreation Complex, hot to year round sports events and festivals.



With more property amenities than any resort on the beach, Tidewater has; two huge lagoon pools, an indoor heated pool, a 4,300 sqft fitness center with Roman spa, a 5,000 sq. ft. conference center plus a movie/media center. Visit our restaurant “Waves”, or grab a Starbucks coffee in the morning at Flip Flops convenience store. More…


850-867-2075 | Security
*For health and safety matters ONLY*
Tidewater has 24 hour, 7 days a week security. If there is a problem please reach out, your stay is important to us.

850-588-5001 | Registration Desk and Guest Services
Hours of operation are 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.

Local Weather


Local Attractions & Events

pier park and front beach intersection

If there’s one thing we take seriously here in Panama City Beach, it’s fun! With boatloads of family attractions & entertainment, top-notch dining and beach activities, we’re surefire enjoyment in, on or under the water. Explore Pier Park within walking distance. Or Maybe visit a marina, or take a boat cruise. If you are into sports, there is something always going on at Frank Brown Park. Tidewater Beach Resort is conveniently located near everything to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Here are some resourceS for events and things to get into while you are visiting the beach:

emergency services & weather information


Here at Tidewater Beach Resort, we take the safety of our residents and disaster preparedness seriously. We have complied some helpful links and information to better inform you if there is ever an emergency that may potentially affect the residents of Tidewater.

The most common potential disaster in our area is the threat of windstorms, hurricanes, and storm surges.

Please use the recommendation from the Bay County Emergency Center advisories (below) for evacuation, be it voluntary or mandatory.

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with torrential rains and sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or greater which blow in a counterclockwise direction around a central “eye.”

Hurricane winds can exceed 155 miles per hour and severely affect areas hundreds of miles inland. As hurricanes approach the coast, a huge dome of water called a storm surge crashes into the coastline, causing major damage to everything in its path. About nine out of ten people killed in hurricanes are victims of the storm surge.

Hurricanes also spawn tornadoes and cause severe flooding from heavy rains. They are also classified into five categories, based on their wind speeds, central pressure, and damage potential.

County uses public schools for hurricane shelters. Depending on the nature of the event and school

construction / renovation, different schools may be used each year. Stay tuned to local media or call 850-784-4000 to find out which schools may be utilized in any given event.

In the event you may have to evacuate the area, please look at the following site of the different Bay County Florida disaster evacuation zones.
Before and after wind events the surf can be quite treacherous. Make sure you follow the flag warnings and always follow rip current warnings.


Please do not interfere with the view of those paying for beach services.

WET SAND – Place any beach set-up on the wet sand

30′ LANDWARD NO COMMERCIAL ZONE – Only towels &/or other low profile seating options (for example sand chairs.)

30′ LANDWARD OF THE WET SAND – Reserved for beach service & rentals. JET SKI LANE – No beach set-ups allowed. 
No tents, canopies, umbrellas and full size beach chairs.

TW EAST & WEST BEACH – Reserved for owners and guests. Any type of beach set-up allowed.